F/TR - F Class Target Rifle

An F/TR Class rifle is limited to .223 Remington or.308 Winchester calibre chambers. Ammunition may be commercially made or hand-loaded. There is no restriction on bullet weight. The F/TR rifle class is limited to the use of an attached bipod and/or a sling as front supports, optionally together with a rear bag none of which provide a positive mechanical means of returning the rifle to its precise point of aim for the next shot . The overall weight must not exceed 8.25kg including all attachments (such as, but not limited to, its sights and bipod, if any).


See the ICFRA Rules for more detail. - ICFRA Rules for F-Class Rifle Shooting


The Modern .308 Win F-TR Rifle

Example of equipment us by used by top F-TR competitors


Sunday GunDay: The Modern .308 Win F-TR Rifle



F-Open Shooter Turns to the “Dark Side”… F-TR Competition

In this story, Jay describes his F-TR rifle and set-up.


F-TR Champ’s Secret Weapon — 40X Rimfire F-TR Trainer

Rimfire F-TR Trainer

James tells us: “Shooting my F-Class rimfire trainer saves me money and improves my shot process and wind-reading abilities.”

 Observation on FTR by Brian Litz


Litz Dominates His First-Ever F-TR Match with Pierce-Built Rifle


Getting Started In F Class

An article by Vince Bottomley from Target Shooter Magazine to provide information to F Class shooters starting the journey into F Class shooting. Covers Rifles, Cartridges, Scopes and Bipods.

Getting Started in F-Class


Optics Selection for the Newer Precision Shooter by Robert Abrams

This is a really good article for anyone wanting information on the difference in brands, quality and price for some

of the models of scopes that are used in F Class.

F Class Target Shooting Techniques

This is an excellent training document designed for the new shooter, authored by Rod Dolman.

The information contained has value for all F Class members.