Victorian Grading Reports

The Grading Reports here are provided by the VRA as a service to members, while every attempt will be made to keep them up to date, members can check their latest grading from the NRAA system by following the link in the section below.

pdf icon Victorian Target Rifle Grading

pdf icon Victorian F Class Standard Grading

Updated 05th March 2024

The VRA conditions for the running of VRA approved events.

pdf icon Conditions for the Running of Prize Meeting Events

National Grading

National A Grade Rankings

National B and C Grade Rankings

Gradings are now available from the NRAA website.

See Chapter 12 of the SSR's on the NRAA website

Competitors will be graded using their final calculated averages according to the tables below.

Target Rifle:

‘A’ grade 97.0 or greater
‘B’ grade 92.0 and under 97.0
‘C’ grade Under 92.0

F Class Standard:

“A” Grade 94.5% and over
“B” Grade Under 94.5%

NRAA National Grading System

Put your SID number into the search bar and when you name comes up, click on it to show your gradings.

You can then click on your average to see your scores used to calculate your average.

NRAA National Ranking System

The Ranking System is calculated using result percentages from the National Grading System.
Shooters who have registered a minimum of 5 scores are included in calculations, with the maximum being the most recent 8 scores.
Each time a competition is entered into the National Grading System, the Rankings pages are updated , so the system will always remain reasonably up-to-date.

National A Grade Rankings

National B and C Grade Rankings