A Target Rifle will be chambered in either 308 Winchester or 223 Remington. Maximum weight of the rifle is 7kg, including sight and all attachments. Ammunition is restricted to NRAA rules.

A Guide to Better Scores

"This guide covers many aspects of shooting what is known as "Target Rifleā€ in Australia. It describes basic equipment, physical preparation, the shooting techniques and mental control required for high performance prone position shooting."


Target Rifle - Optical Class [OC]

15.1 - Rifles and Equipment

15.1.1 - Where there is no rule applicable within this section, the Standard Shooting Rules for fullbore [TR] shall apply.

15.1.2 - Any rifle that complies with the specification laid down for TR with the following exceptions:-

15.1.3 - Weight:- The weight of the rifle with all attachments excluding the sling shall not exceed 7.0kg.

15.1.4 - Sights:- Any sight system is permitted, this includes telescopic and other optical sights