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NRAA Information



Australian Target Rifle Magazine

Issue 129 July/August 2017

Issue 130 September/October 2017

Issue 131 November/December 2017

Issue 132 January/February 2018

Issue 133 March/April 2018


NRAA Membership

Where are we Now, and Where to from Here?

The NRAA has asked George Wittorff to assist in a voluntary role as advisor on membership matters.
Georges' role is to assist the NRAA in attracting new members and retaining existing members.

George would like all Members to read the linked article blow in the hope that an awareness of the current situation will stimulate discussion, and hopefully action at the Club and individual level.

NRAA Membership Issues No 1

NRAA Membership Issues No 2

NRAA Membership Issues No 3

NRAA Membership Issues No 4


NEW SSR's Version 5.0(d) as at 10th March 2017

The latest NRAA SSR’s effective as at 10th March 2017

Version is 5.0 (d)


The NRAA has issued a policy regarding the future of F Class Disciplines as at July 2015.

NRAA Policy on the Future of F Class


NRAA - Code of Conduct and Ethics


Canberra Rifle Club reference document for Butts Officers and target markers

Manual for Target Marking Services

ICFRA Marking & Scoring