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Welcome to the home page of the Victorian Rifle Association

The Victorian Rifle Association governs the operation of rifle ranges and target shooting clubs throughout Victoria. The sport allows licensed shooter to use target rifles in competition at distances from 300 to 1000 yards. The disciplines of Target Rifle, F Class and Match Rifle are all enjoyed by Members.

The Association aims to promote, develop and increase the knowledge and skill in the sport of Target Shooting regardless of age, gender, experience or skill. This will be provided in an environment that teaches the safe handling and responsible use of firearms.

Membership: New members receive a discount when joining the VRA and pro-rata memberships are also available. For more information see Memberships or phone 03 5449 3153 or email vra@vra.asn.au

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To contact the Victorian Rifle Association

General enquiries - email : vra@vra.asn.au

All Shop enquiries - email : shop@vra.asn.au


Victorian Queens Series - 2018

View a video from Queens 2018 on YouTube

Queens Series Results


Upcoming Prize Meetings

No 2 DRA Open Prize Meeting on the 9th and 10th June at St Arnaud --- Range map


Victorian Prize Meeting Results

Grantville RC 5th Annual Shoot for Autism, Held at Grantville on the 19th and 20th May --- Grand

Grantville RC 5th Annual Shoot for Autism, Held at Grantville on the 20th May --- Day 2

Grantville RC 5th Annual Shoot for Autism, Held at Grantville on the 19th May --- Day 1

Stawell OPM - Grand Aggregate, Held at Stawell on the 12th and 13th April --- Grand

Stawell OPM - Day 2 Aggregate, Held at Stawell on the 13th April --- Day 2

Stawell OPM - Day 1 Aggregate, Held at Stawell on the 12th April --- Day 1


Victorian F Class Rifle Teams

The next National F Class Rifle Championships are to be held at Pinjar Rifle Range, Western Australia in September 2019.

Call for Nominations

For F Class Standard, F Class Open and F/TR Team Members

Nominations for the Teams, Captains and Managers are to be submitted to the Executive Officer, VRA by Wednesday 6th June 2018.


VRA Newsletter

Please follow this link to the VRA Newsletter May 2018


Australian Target Rifle Magazine

Issue 134 May / June 2018 - Commonwealth Games



SSR's 5(d) Now out

NRAA Information

NRAA Member Upate 44

NRAA SSR's March 2017

Membership Plan for Clubs

Try Target Shooting Flyer

NRAA Calendar 2018


From the Council


Council Meeting Minutes 25th March

Updated 21/05/2018


VRA on facebook 


VRA and Wellsford Calendar

Wellsford Range Calendar





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