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VRA News - 2014


Victorious Victorians at the National Veterans Teams Matches in Canberra

The Victorian Veterans Team consisting of both TR Teams & F Class Pairs have returned from Canberra with outstanding results.
Victoria Blue TR took out the coveted Don Cook trophy with a score of 976.80, 8 points clear of NSW 1. The combined teams of Victoria Blue & Maroon won the combined Don Cook Aggregate. Victoria Blue placed 2nd and Victoria Maroon 3rd In the Kosi Ford 2 Day aggregate.
In addition Coach Graham Dyson & Wayne Boschetti won the trophies for the top coach & shooter in the Don Cook & 2 day Kosi Ford Aggregate.
The F Class pairs were up against very stiff opposition and just missed out on the medals.

For full results from the NRAA website.


Target Rifle
Victoria Blue: Captain Morrie Jackman, Coach Carol Hulett
Shooters: Peter Maher, Geoff Evans, Michael Rankin, Alan Hobbs, George Holden

Victoria Maroon: Captain Peter Hulett, Coach Graham Dyson
Shooters: Fred Guyatt, Robin Hall, Wayne Boschetti, Cliff Abbott, Peter Hulett, Len Hayes

F Class Captain    Bruce Houston, Reserve Noel Osborn
Victoria Green:    Richard Lane, Barry Southern
Victoria Gold:       Geoff Auhl, Terry Gee


Passing of Chrisoula Grenness

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of VRA member Chrisoula Grenness on Tuesday 21st October.

Soula Grenness

Her funeral was held at 10am on Wednesday 29th October at the Oakleigh Greek Orthodox Church, 85-87 Willesden Road, Hughsdale.

Then to the Emerald Cemetery, 169 Macclesfield Rd, Avonsleigh Emerald..


Range preparation for the VRA Teams on 18th and 19th October 2014

Huntly Tractor Mowing


Participants and range staff enjoying a successful Teacher's Games held on 24th September 2014

Scores from the day


 Victorian Shooters gain more success at the Bisley Queens

  Robbie Sandlant

Rob Sandlant at work with text book style.

 Congratulations to Rob Sandlant (2nd) and James Corbett (4th) at the Bisley Queens.

At 1000 yards Rob Sandlant of Australia, Richard Jeens of NLRC and Simon Carson of Ulster all joined the chase producing a frenzy of nameplate swapping and sweeping on the leader board. With Corbett an early finisher on 5 off, the race settled into a nail biter between Jeens, Sandlant and Carson each creeping up shot after shot with just 3 off.

Jeens, Sandlant and Carson finished on 297 counted out by 44, 33 and 30 centrals with Corbett fourth after his win last year.

Queens Final List

Rob also won the Friday Aggregate on 11th July - Friday Aggregate List

Rob looks forward to shooting trips to Bisley each year.

Rob is passionate about shooting and has represented Australia in five teams, travelling to South Africa, Bisley, New Zealand and Canada. He has been competing in international events since 1998 and teamed with Helen Griffiths in 1999 to win a gold medal in the Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships in New Zealand.


Bisley The Queen's Prize

Produced in 1986, this film covers the history of The Queen's Prize target rifle match, shot at Bisley during the Imperial Meeting each year


Australian Government Senate Enquiry

On 19 June, the Senate referred the following matter to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report:

The ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community.

Follow link below to see the points of reference.

The ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community.

Point (f) maybe of particular interest.

  • stricter storage requirements and the use of electronic alarm systems for guns stored in homes;

VRA submission to enquiry - Document


Victoria wins the Merrett Teams Match 2014

With a score of 1957.193 Victoria has won the Merret Teams match for 2014.

Back row: Brett Thurtell, David Black, Greg Tomorad, Keith Toh, Keirin McCamley, Peter Maher

Middle row: John McDiarmid, John Kiefer, Tony Barker, Geoff Grenfell, Barry Wood, David Brewster

Front row: Susan Ryan, Rob Sandlant, Geoff Doig

National Teams Report by Ken Reither



Sudden passing of Alfred Marsh Obersby

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the sudden passing of Alf Obersby on March 15th 2014.

Alf was a member of the Moe Rifle Club, although not shooting in recent times. He was a former VRA Councillor, serving a number of years from around the late 1960’s to 1977. He was also a state team shooter and a Captain on a number of occasions in the 1970’s.


Victorian Police Rifle Club re-locate to Wellsford Rifle Range

In March the Victorian Police Rifle Club has become the third tenant using the Wellsford Rifle Range.

Thursdays have been allocated for the use of the Club.


Victoria wins the F Standard Teams Match

The F Standard Team at 1000 Yards with the Match winning board. - Results

Back row, left to right - Peter Marum, Phil Jonker, Rod Dolman, Danny Sandford.

Front row, left to right - Di Jonker, Noel Osborn, Kay Eland John Eland, .

F Class National Teams Championships

F Standard Final Scores

F Open Final Scores


VRA Classic Military Rifle Shoot

Lucy Pearce from Kyneton Rifle Club competed in her first shooting competition on the 22 February 2014 at Bendigo VRA Wellsford Rifle Range participating in the ‘Classic .303 Range Rifle and Military Rifle Shoot.

Lucy is 13 years old and she won the Junior Prize Award of a .303 Range Rifle by using her Grandfathers’ 1917 SMLE .303 rifle (armoured by Peter Hallett) which she is holding in the photograph.